Kingston 11 Cuisine 2013


Kingston 11 Restaurant & Rum Bar

"Love this place!! Definitely get the jerk chicken! ... Love what they did to the space, and service was great and friendly." Sergio M, via Yelp.

"I've never tasted better plantains anywhere else."  Kni N via

"Trust me, I am from Kingston 20, lived in Brooklyn NYC, and return to Jamaica once a year. What I noticed over the past 3 years, the Jamaica cuisine is evolving even in Jamaica. Kingston 11 is the next best stop west of Brooklyn or Bronx." -Big D, via Yelp

"Nigel and Adrian have made a warm sanctuary for those of us who love, (and miss) the unique pleasure that can be found in the complex marriage of Carribean food (here in the Bay) reflective of the dynamic mix of cultures represented all throughout the islands." -Mr. M via Yelp

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Kingston 11
Restaurant & Rum Bar
Serving authentic Caribbean cuisine and inventive cocktails
ABOUT US        OUR MENU         RUM BAR 
Address   2270 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612
Happy Hour Tue - Friday,3:30 -6pm  Phone  (510) 465-2558
Restaurant Hours Tue-Saturday 5-10p  Take out: 7-9pm
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